Food and beverages in Narvikfjellet

Food and beverages are an important part of the skiing experience in the winter season and as well as during the hot summer months . Narvikfjellet has 3 eateries that offer what you need for a great day in the mountains!

2016-04-2708:45 Helle Holt
During the ski season

The operation of Narvikfjellets eateries changes with the seasons. In wintertime you can enjoy a great hamburger or our famous Linken Waffle at the Mountain Restaurant 656 m, a cold beer and snacks during the afterski in Peisestua 656 m, or enjoy som lighter groceries as a warm panini or a chockolate bar at the Ski Shop. 

Mountain restaurant - winter
Serving of hot meals as hamburgers, soup, hot dogs, waffles, pastries, gratinated nachos etc. Here we have all the rights.

Peisestua - winter
Serving of alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, sparkling wine, long drinks and snacks. In Peisestua we arrange afterski every Friday and Saturday throughout the ski season. Here we play good music, visit the troubadours, local heroes spinning discs and always offers good mood.

Ski Shop - Winter
Serving simple groceries such as chocolate bars, cakes, snacks, soft drinks, coffee, cocoa and hot paninis.

During the summer

The Mountain Restaurant is open every day, and has the same opening hours as the coble car. Take a look at the opening hours below. The Ski Shop and Peisestua have summer closed for normal operations, but is open to private and closed events.

Mountain restaurant - summer
Serving hot dishes as gratinated nachos, calzone, freshly made baguettes, cakes, popsicles, groceries, soft drinks, coffee and beer/wine.

Welcome to Narvikfjellet!

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